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Accurately uncover contract insights with Conga Contract Intelligence 

Accurately uncover contract insights to meet obligations, manage risk, and optimize revenue

Facets and features

Conga Contract Intelligence combines people, process, and technology into an effortless and accurate contract analytics tool. It automatically extracts and transforms the legal language in contracts into actionable data, ready to be operationalized and distributed throughout an organization.  

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Digitize contracts 

Conga Contract Intelligence uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models to analyze contract documents upon import. It extracts and transforms the data, then tags it in the CLM system so it can be efficiently utilized going forward in searches, reporting, and alerts. 

  • Bulk Contract Import 
    • Conga Contract Intelligence allows you to import legacy contracts and third-party paper in bulk. Extract key data points for searching, reporting, and risk analysis.  
    • Easily and quickly extract data from your contracts while importing them into the intelligent central repository.  
  • Bulk Upload from the CLM Repository 
    • Easily search and select contracts from within CLM repository for data extraction. Filter based on multiple criteria and track the extraction status.  
    • This feature enables a legal team to support multiple business units, extracting different data points at different times to serve the needs of multiple teams and quickly react to business needs.  
  • AI/ML Models 
    • AI and ML models are trained to extract provisions from contracts such as agreement title, parties, dates, and the limitation of liability among others.  
    • Leverage best-in-class AI and ML models for superior data extraction experience. 
  • Self-service Custom Models 
    • Administrators can create custom provisions on their own, training the AI models to recognize and extract those data points using their own contract samples. This can be done in-house whenever needed.  
    • Turn your unique contract data points into searchable and reportable insights as needed. Easily create custom models using the self-service AI trainer for the extraction. 
  • Multi-lingual 
    • All Latin-based languages are supported with this technology.  
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Data extraction methods

With a variety of contracts under management, varying by type, active or matured status, complexity, and degree of risk or importance, we have options for the level and type of data extraction you can choose. Once the results from the contract intelligence are verified, all the data becomes part of the CLM record to be used to drive downstream workflow, searches, reports, and alerts. 

Conga Contract Intelligence product interface
  • Attorney Verified 
    • Conga has trained in-house attorneys to conduct automated data extraction reviews as needed.  
    • Receive the highest accuracy from your data extraction, at nearly 100%, with the attorney verification feature and save time by leveraging Conga to do the intelligence review for you. 
  • Automated Extraction 
    • Automated extraction uses AI and ML models to identify the requested data points and convert them into the structured data needed to update the contract and clause records. 
    • Automated extraction is the first level of data extraction accuracy. Beyond just identifying words in the document, it uses AI to get the meaning behind them and presents that information to you, saving valuable time.  
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 
    • OCR turns a PDF image into a searchable document. 
    • Convert legacy or scanned paper contracts to searchable documents within your CLM repository, gaining critical visibility to the data within.  

Risk assessment and obligation management

Conga Contract Intelligence’s risk management allows customers to accelerate their third-party paper review by identifying the risk, scoring it, and providing alternative language to mitigate the risk. Additionally, with extracted obligations tracked within the CLM, customers can more effectively manage and uphold them thanks to clear visibility, reporting, and alerts.  

  • Extract Risk 
    • Define rules unique to your business that determine what is a risk. Leverage AI to automatically identify that risk during third-party contract imports.  
    • Accelerate your third-party contract review with intelligent risk extraction. 
  • Score Risk 
    • Automatically receive risk scores based on how much the extracted data deviates from your defined standards and acceptable clauses.  
    • Leverage contract intelligence to help you focus your attention during contract review on remediating the high-risk areas first. Easily view and report on the risk scores.  
  • Recommend Alternative Language 
    • Using your pre-defined standards and business rules, the AI will recommend alternative language and clauses to redline into the document.  
    • Save time during third-party contract review and avoid missing any risks to your business by leveraging the technology to surface those critical areas in the contract. This feature does due diligence for you and presents more favorable options to insert instead.  
  • Obligation Management 
    • Manage obligations via fulfillment tracking; alerts linked to expirations, renewals, and critical events; post-execution workflows; and searching and reporting.  
    • Easily keep up with your contractual obligations with clear visibility, customizable alerts, and advanced reporting capabilities. 
Conga Contract Intelligence product interface
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Conga Contract Intelligence quickly extracts, verifies, and distributes actionable contract information that maximizes the value of every agreement. It transforms the data into proactive alerts and tasks that keep you from ever missing an obligation or milestone. 

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