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Financial services simplified

Focus on high-quality financial support for your prospects and clients

Crush financial services complexity

Financial services organizations focus almost everything toward deepening relationships with clients; however, they spend an inordinate amount of time on paperwork and processes. Conga enables their services to be easy to use, customized to client needs, highly secure, and quickly transacted.

Provide speedier transactions and enhanced experiences

  • Focus more on clients, less on paperwork

    Streamline account application, agreement routing, and signature approval. Whether you’re opening an account, creating a loan, or developing a wealth management package, you want to deliver every form, contract, and document quickly and accurately to your clients. 

  • Easy to get started and faster to finish

    Automatically create and route the correct set of client forms and documents from the data and workflows within your CRM system. Complete complicated financial forms, contracts, and documents in record time and with fewer errors.

  • Maintain compliance, security, and privacy

    Maintain a detailed audit trail for every contract and agreement with details about who participated in the workflow and approval process. Encrypt documents to maintain client privacy and secure transactions with Conga’s ISO/IEC 27001-2005 and TRUSTe certified digital document transformation suite.

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Solving financial services headaches 

Streamline agreements

Automate every transaction that involves an agreement to capture customer information easily and accurately. Store information in a secure repository that you can easily access when needed.

Assess risks with AI

Make data-driven decisions quickly with industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI). Use AI-based contract analytics to extract insights from your agreements and to know when to next reach out to clients.

Increase compliance

Delight your legal team and maintain a digital audit trail of all agreements and signatures with a tamper-evident certificate to ensure compliance with regulations like KYC/AML.

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