Conga Composer saves HFM Investment Advisors considerable time, while improving customer relationships

HFM Investment Advisors save 1,000+ hours creating customer financial action plans with Conga.
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For nearly 30 years, private and commercial clients alike have relied on HFM Investment Advisors to help plan their financial futures. HFM delivers some of their guidance that requires accountability in the form of client action plans. These multipage documents are sent regularly to clients to highlight their personal financial goals and the exact steps needed to reach them. HFM’s advisors had previously compiled and updated the action plans manually, which involved maintaining various spreadsheets, copying and pasting data into a document, formatting the report, and sending a PDF to the clients. All told, each report could take as long as an hour to produce, and a separate report had to be created for more than 150 clients twice during the year. HFM’s team is small, and producing these reports was a significant drain on their resources. 


The firm turned to Conga Composer to help improve efficiency, reduce manual data entry, and increase the overall quality of its customer financial action plans. With Conga, HFM created a number of custom document templates to be used for initial client onboarding and to facilitate the creation of their action plans. Rather than the advisors manually creating each report from scratch and updating spreadsheets each time, Composer does the work for them. Using Composer, the HFM team mobilizes document templates to automatically pull client information directly from Salesforce and populate all the relevant data — client contact information, action plans steps and benchmarks, and other details — with the click of a button.

Business Outcomes

  • Time savings: Reduced time to develop financial action plans from 1 hour to 30 seconds

  • Improved customer communications: Financial action plans sent out more frequently — increased from 2 times annually to once every 8 weeks

  • Increased productivity: Eliminated up to 20 hours per week of manual data entry for the advisor team or additional part-time headcount.

  • Errors eliminated: Improved data accuracy and quality in documents sent


"We deliver a high level of service through engagement and communication to our clients regarding their accounts and financial plans. Without Conga’s ability to automate essential document creation, updating, and delivery, we’d have to hire a part-time employee to do it all manually and it would be difficult to run our business effectively and efficiently.”

Jason Gabrieli
Financial Advisor
HFM Investment Advisors

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