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How to select a revenue intelligence system with high ROI

In this download we'll cover:

How to choose the right intelligence-based revenue lifecycle management solution for your business
Key questions to ask vendors
Expected timeframes and measurements for ROI

Find your revenue intelligence solution

Successful businesses have begun turning to revenue intelligence solutions to accelerate time-to-revenue. These solutions streamline deal workflows, reduce profit-killing inefficiencies, and eliminate pain points for both sales teams and prospects so that conducting business is easier than ever.

Revenue intelligence solutions expand the continuum of visibility into the customer lifecycle beyond traditional sales activities to the post- signature, contract-based portion of the customer relationship.

But with so many revenue intelligence solutions available, it can be difficult to know where to start. No two businesses are alike and choosing the wrong solution can be costly. As you evaluate vendors and build your business case, here are the key questions to ask.

What is the data framework?
Your rigor in data modeling upfront will determine accurate customer account, pricing, and contract data—the foundation of revenue lifecycle intelligence. Without reliable data, sales and other teams can’t do their jobs effectively, the customer experience suffers, and revenue gets left on the table.

Can the solution scale and handle complexity?
The right solution scales with your business by seamlessly absorbing any increases in the volume of product and service offerings with any combination of pricing and discounts—without impacting system performance.

What is the expected timeframe and measurement for ROI?
Seeing a return on investment is essential to business leaders and decision-makers. However, your business defines ROI—whether it’s an increase in revenue, time saved on daily workflows, or an improved customer experience—the vendor should be able to tell you how to identify and measure it. The right solution eliminates manual processes across multiple teams and prescribes appropriate actions or next steps so that you can begin to see quantifiable results fast.

With Conga, your business needs come first
Conga’s suite of intelligence-based revenue lifecycle management solutions are built on top of a centralized database that automates data collection and processing to update CRM and ERP records in real time. Our solutions scale up or down with your business, no matter the size or stage of maturity, and simplifies even the most complex sales, legal, and customer environments.

Conga can save your business time and money while improving overall customer satisfaction with the right intelligence-based revenue lifecycle management solution.