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Adobe Acrobat Sign vs Conga Sign

Explore the differences between Conga Sign and Adobe Acrobat Sign to pick the best eSignature software for your business. 


 Some things make all the difference


Conga Sign is a compliant, secure, and industry-leading eSignature solution that allows you to capture the essential signatures you need, wherever and whenever you need them. With open API, web applications, and Salesforce packages, Conga Sign can be used and deployed in a wide variety of ways to collect your needed signatures.  

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Advanced white labeling

Your customers trust you—not your technology partners. That’s why we remove all traces of Conga Sign across the transaction. We give you complete control over the look and feel of the application, including content on the web, mobile pages, and any emails and notifications sent to your customers. This helps you create and maintain trust, resulting in a better overall customer experience.  

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Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud

The Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud

Conga is the only eSignature solution that is fully embedded into the entire revenue lifecycle. Through the power of the cloud, document generation, contract lifecycle, and CPQ solutions, Conga can be your primary provider for integrating and automating your business needs across the organization—from quote, to signature, to cash, to renewal. Consolidate vendors (and their fees) and work with Conga’s enterprise-grade solutions built for any business need. 

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Conga Sign is the only affordable enterprise-grade solution that is reliable, scaled, and secure. With our industry-leading service and feature set, Conga Sign can secure the signatures you need to take action on your critical agreements. 

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