Conga X-Author for Excel

Turn Microsoft Excel into a complete user interface for your CRM system and increase user adoption

An Excel solution for Salesforce 

No matter where you are in the revenue operations lifecycle, Conga X-Author for Excel takes valuable data out of Salesforce and lets you edit, sort, and make mass updates within a familiar Excel environment. Manage and update proposal data and contract metrics.  

Modify any changes needed throughout your revenue operations process within Excel and have that data automatically sync with the record in Salesforce.  

Conga's Revenue Lifecycle

Conga X-Author for Excel Features 

  • One-click control

    Manage unlimited objects in any layout, any workbook, and across worksheets.

  • Data migration

    Create, read, update, and delete an unlimited number of objects simultaneously.

  • Ease of use

    Compare data across organizations and instances in a single workbook.

  • Complex reporting 

    Leverage standard Excel reporting and analytics functionality.

  • Offline functionality 

    Work offline and easily sync changes when reconnected.

Real outcomes from Conga X-Author customers

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Faster programming


Better data accuracy


Faster business process cycle time


Greater productivity


Increase in Salesforce user adoption

Statistics provided by Conga customers

Customer success

End-to-end support on Conga X-Author for Excel

With support from Conga Services, Conga Community, and our technical team, we’re able to support our customers and to solve any X-Author for Excel questions that come up along the way.

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Conga X-Author plays well with others.

Conga’s products are purpose-built to work together seamlessly, so you can automate and streamline commercial operations end-to-end.

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  • What is Conga X-Author for Excel?

    Conga X-Author for Excel is a product that allows you to transform Microsoft Excel into an easy-to-operate user interface within Salesforce.  

  • How do Salesforce and Microsoft Excel work together?

    X-Author for Excel brings the familiarity and functionality of working in Microsoft Excel directly into your Salesforce instance using data connectors via API that seamlessly transfer your data between systems.  

  • Why is X-Author for Excel helpful?

    X-Author for Excel delivers increased user adoption and productivity by creating the opportunity to use Microsoft Excel and Excel-based applications to populate complex calculations for quotes without leaving your Salesforce instance. 

  • Who could benefit from X-Author for Excel?

    Anyone using Microsoft Excel to compute complex calculations or manage data alongside Salesforce. 

  • How can X-Author for Excel accelerate the revenue cycle?

    Simply put...Presto! Presto is a key feature of X-Author for Excel that allows the user to use Microsoft Excel as a Cloud Calculator to compute complex calculations within Salesforce. With a single click you can calculate NPV, IRR, profitability, or any other terms, and you can distribute one-click calculation abilities throughout your enterprise. 

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