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Get the most out of your contracts with Conga CLM

Learn how you can streamline your complex contracting processes and mitigate risk with Conga CLM.

Facets and features

Conga CLM is a robust contract lifecycle management solution built to automate highly complex contracting processes that span geographies, departments, and across contract needs. It empowers everyone involved in the process, increases visibility, and enforces compliance. Conga CLM drives contract excellence at scale, reduces cycle times, improves negotiating outcomes, and minimizes risk. 

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Central contract repository 

Manage all contracts in a single place with a full view of the entire contract lifecycle—including versions, negotiations, approval history, and metrics. Easily search and quickly identify the contracts requiring action.  

  • Agreement Hierarchy
    • Visualize contract hierarchies to show the relationship between a parent agreement like an MSA and its related agreements like NDAs; child agreements like SOWs; and amendments and renewals.  
    • Manage all agreements and their corresponding documents easily to quickly visualize the agreement history with a customer.
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
    • Conduct all lifecycle actions including request, negotiate, activate, terminate, renew, and amend. Contract lifecycle management offers an in-effect view showing changes over time to the contract, clauses, and related documents.  
    • This feature offers a streamlined process for contract lifecycle actions that inherently tracks and provides visibility to the actions. Easily identify what is currently in-effect versus historical documents that have been modified. 
  • Natural Language Search
    • Conga CLM gives you the ability to enter any phrase that alludes to the type of contract you’re looking for. Search for language within the document (unstructured data) and metadata contained on the record (structured data). Leverage Boolean operators (e.g., AND, OR) alongside keywords to limit or expand search results.  
    • Save time and locate contracts, fields, and clauses immediately no matter how complex and nuanced the search is. 
  • Reporting and Analytics
    • Robust reporting and visualization capabilities allow you to easily create reports and charts, customize dashboards by user, share and schedule the reports, and set-up alerts and notifications. 
    • Easily create reports and dashboards and refine your processes to continually improve. Spend less time manually putting actionable and insightful data at the fingertips of decision-makers.  
  • Bulk Contract Import and Data Extraction 
    • Import legacy contracts and third-party paper in bulk using Conga Contract Intelligence. Extract key data points for searching, reporting, and risk analysis. 
    • Use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Conga’s in-house attorneys for verification to gain strategic insights, ensure accurate reporting, and mitigate risk. 
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Clause and template management 

Generate contracts with ease and confidence by leveraging legal-approved templates and the correct clauses with your clause playbook. Save time for all parties involved—the requester and the legal team—by using the dynamic contract request wizard to capture pertinent information while providing self-service capabilities.  

Conga CLM product interface
  • Legal-approved Template Configuration 
    • Build templates in Microsoft Word to standardize your contracts and empower others by providing self-service capabilities using pre-approved language. Include contract line items, pull from your clause playbook, and incorporate conditional business logic. 
    • Easily generate the right contract with the right language based on the need, every time. Minimize risk and lengthy delays in legal approval by starting with standard, pre-approved contract templates. 
  • Clause Library 
    • Conga CLM allows you to create a collection of pre-approved clauses including standard, alternative, custom, and nested, with each version tracked to provide an audit trail of the change history. 
    • Easily manage clauses, ensure the correct versions and types are used where appropriate, and track usage and changes over time.  
  • Guided Contract Request
    • Utilize a contract request wizard configured to your organization’s unique workflows. A dynamic questionnaire can incorporate your key business rules such as requiring an NDA to be generated automatically and sent out based on the request type.  
    • Save time for all parties—the requester and the legal team—by ensuring all relevant contract data is clearly captured and business rules are followed.  
  • Conditional Clauses 
    • The condition can be simple or complex and based on any text such as clause, section, or line items. The clause will only be added to the generated document when the condition is met. 
    • Use condition-based clauses in your template to make more customized and flexible agreement templates. This is helpful for complex use cases like when the template admin wants to add something based on certain criteria. 

Controlled negotiation

Collaborate and negotiate on contracts where and when you need to, using your daily tools such as Microsoft Word, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams. Conduct redlining simultaneously with the certainty that all changes are tracked and those accepted are automatically updated in the agreement record. Save time and accelerate the review process while keeping your version history and records up to date.   

  • Real-time Collaboration 
    • Securely comment and redline agreements simultaneously with internal and external parties, shortening contract cycle times and tracking all changes with an audit history. 
    • Avoid headaches with version control issues and slowdowns from waiting on a sequential review process and work on contracts when you have the time.  
  • Meta-data Tracking and Reconciliation 
    • Conga CLM gives you a history of the fields and clauses that change throughout a negotiation cycle and syncs those back to the agreement record as the source of truth. 
    • Avoid manual entry and room for error and discrepancy by automatically tracking those accepted changes and reconciling them back to the agreement record to save you time. 
  • Multiple User Experiences 
    • Work in widely used tools like Microsoft Word, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams to collaborate and negotiate on contracts.  Conga can also bring the convenience of using a web browser as well. 
    • Do work where you are most comfortable and experienced, leveraging the tools you use every day for your contracting process. This familiarity offers very little learning curve for users and high adoption from the start.  
  • Third-party Paper Risk Assessment 
    • Import third-party paper using Conga Contract Intelligence to conduct risk assessments based on how much it deviates from your defined standards. Receive risk ratings on the data extracted and mitigation guidance during the review. 
    • Speed up the review of third-party paper and reduce risk by ensuring critical clauses aren’t missed.  
Conga CLM product interface

Dynamic approvals and signature

Streamline your contracting process with customizable approval capabilities for all your needs no matter how simple or complex they may be. Speed up the cycle time with confidence knowing every action is tracked with an audit trail—including the signature status and details—and ensure business rules are met.  

Conga CLM product interface
  • Multiple Approval Flows 
    • Ability to set up simple or complex approval processes based on specific criteria for the business such as total agreement value, key terms, or clauses. Include sequential and parallel approval steps in your process.  
    • Configure and automate your contract approval processes exactly how you need. Speed up the cycle time, ensure a clear audit trail, and remediate risk exposure. 
  • Ad Hoc, Delegation, and Approval Groups 

    • Gain the ability to add an ad hoc approver for any reason, at any time. Delegate the approval to another user or define approval groups where any one person from that group can approve.  
    • Create the approval processes that make sense for your business while providing users the flexibility to adjust as needed without slowing down the review process.  
  • Streamlined eSignature  
    • Send for signature via the robust Conga Sign, leverage our integration to another eSignature vendor, or send for wet signature via email—all from within Conga CLM. 
    • Signature status is automatically tracked within the agreement record providing you accurate visibility and options for the signature experience to meet your unique business needs. 
  • Audit Trail 
    • Get a full audit trail of the approval and signature process with who, when, at what step, and the pertinent details.  
    • Ensure compliance with critical business rules with a detailed history of each contract. Maintain a full audit trail of each step of the process should you need it for any future litigation.  

How teams use Conga CLM

    • Conga CLM for legal

      Conga CLM helps legal manage business and compliance risk by standardizing the contracting process and providing more control of clause language, negotiations, amendments, and obligations.   

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    • Conga CLM for sales

      Conga CLM ensures faster and frictionless business with contract automation.  It provides self-service capabilities and status visibility for sales to reduce legal involvement in standard contract generation and close business faster. 

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See how Conga CLM can help your team

Conga CLM manages the complexity of enterprise-wide contract lifecycles by standardizing your contract processes, giving you the control and capabilities you need to empower your business.

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