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Manage, transform, and scale throughout the revenue lifecycle with the most complete solution available.

Out with the old, in with the easy

Conga's Revenue Lifecycle

Past revenue solutions have been complicated, disconnected, and difficult to manage. Conga’s Revenue Lifecycle Solution connects and standardizes processes across all teams to create one unified system—not several fragmented ones. 

CPQ product
Configure, Price, Quote

Bigger wins, better margins

Stop rogue discounting in its tracks and provide accurate, faster quoting across all your selling channels. Companies who switched to Conga's Revenue Lifecycle Solution saw a 25% win rate improvement and a 25% jump in deal size, while their customers experienced a whole new level of consistency and service.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Standardize, automate, and accelerate at scale 

Companies that standardized their legal language and clauses with Conga improved compliance by 36% and reduced contract processing time by 25%, allowing businesses to generate more contracts at scale. 

CLM product
Document generation product screen
Document Generation

Accurate, on-brand documents every time

Documents are essential for maintaining clear and effective communication throughout the revenue lifecycle. But as documents grow in number and complexity, ensuring they are updated with the correct data, branding, and messaging can be all-consuming.  

By creating automated, accurate documents that are always on point, you liberate your teams from copy-pasting so they can focus on more important work to drive revenue and growth.  

Healthcare provider using Conga to treat patients

Conga’s platform, applications, and features are both robust and flexible! Our contract management process is more organized and efficient than ever before.

Guillermo Pedron
Director of CRM Applications

Powerful, scalable solutions

Group 3

Single data model

Eliminate silos and inform insight-driven, executive decision-making from a single source of truth with trusted analytics of the entire revenue lifecycle.

Group 19


A contract is only good if it is signed. Capture signatures quickly and securely on any app with Conga Sign

Group 4

Open platform

Grow and scale with Conga’s API-first architecture that integrates easily with your CRM, ERP, and other enterprise apps. 

Group 8

Analytics intelligence

Capture valuable insights on contract terms, renewals, pricing, and risk reports with artificial intelligence

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