Streamline Salesforce workflows 

Achieve a higher level of success by automating and streamlining your critical processes.

Automation at every step

Get more done with solutions made to work in Salesforce. Conga’s revenue lifecycle management products provide a seamless Salesforce experience that allows you to provide better data visibility along with process and approval automation. Easily sort and manage data to create fast and accurate quotes and proposals with increased visibility. Automate your approvals to streamline contracts.

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Salesforce automation solutions 

Conga Grid

Conga Grid is a productivity tool within Salesforce that allows users to view, sort, and manage batches of data from a single screen.

Conga Orchestrate

Easily configure, automate, and manage multiple, complex workflows and processes with Conga Orchestrate. Create repeatable processes in Salesforce, no coding required.

Conga Approvals

Automate your workflow with Conga Approvals for a better employee and customer experience.

Conga X-Author for Excel

Automate manual processes and save hours on admin work with Conga X-Author for Excel, turning Microsoft Excel into a complete user interface for your CRM system.

Automating the revenue operations processes 

Conga works seamlessly within Salesforce, giving you one cohesive place to get work done quicker and easier. 

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Conga + Salesforce FAQs

  • How does Conga optimize Salesforce? 

    Conga helps you create a faster, more productive Salesforce experience. Automate processes like pipeline and contract management, invoicing and billings, and renewals. Simplify your work and create a more productive and efficient Salesforce experience.

  • Do these products optimize other CRMs besides Salesforce? 

    No, our Salesforce optimization products were built on Salesforce for Salesforce users. The similar user interface to Salesforce makes user adoption and onboarding easier. Our goal is to make you feel like you’re using Salesforce the entire time while experiencing more productivity in the CRM.

  • What other Conga products do the Salesforce optimization products work with? 

    All of them. These products are meant to work alongside products such as Conga Composer, Conga CLM, Contracts for Salesforce, and Conga CPQ. If you want to optimize your employee and customer experience, then these products are the ones for you.

  • Where do I learn more about your Salesforce optimization products? 

    Check out our product pages for Conga Grid, Conga Orchestrate, Conga Approvals, and Conga X-Author for Excel to learn more about our Salesforce optimization products. Or schedule a demo with our team to see how these products will boost your business.

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