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Conga & Wipro power EaaS transformation for the new manufacturing economy

10 min read

Delivering Equipment as a Service (EaaS) is now a strategic imperative. The number of organizations that have been able to successfully deploy and scale their EaaS business is still limited. Why is that?

In this download, we'll cover:

Growth: How EaaS significantly increases lifecycle revenue per unit through greater customer penetration and duration
Sustainability: How EaaS is a key catalyst to adoption of electrification and other sustainability initiatives such as the circular economy
Resilience: How EaaS improves business resilience by reducing exposure of revenue, earnings and cash-to-flow-to-market volatility


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Despite the clear benefits, moving to an EaaS model is a significant step for most organizations. It requires a fundamental change in approach – moving from a focus on product unit sales to a focus on ‘lifecycle value.’

Manufacturers cannot simply switch from one operating model to another - they can’t simply redesign their customers’ journeys from scratch. Revenue operations must be able to support a hybrid product/service/outcome model – where a customer can reliably order one or all offerings within a single configuration or quote and be confident that billing and fulfilment will reflect their one-time and/or subscription order

As a result, manufacturers will require a single, flexible revenue lifecycle platform that empowers sales to offer the right solution to the right customer at the right margin - confident that whatever solution is sold the customer will enjoy a frictionless and successful experience.

Created in partnership with Wipro: