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Conga Sign vs Dropbox Sign: which eSignature solution wins?

Discover the differences between Conga Sign and Dropbox Sign to choose the best eSignature software for your business.


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Conga Sign is compliant, secure, and the industry-leading signature solution capturing the essential signatures you need, wherever and whenever you need them. With open API, web applications, and Salesforce packages, Conga Sign can be used and deployed in a variety of ways to collect your needed signatures.

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Advanced protection against phishing

Conga Sign allows you to remove all traces of Conga Sign across the transaction for a fully branded, trustworthy experience. This prevents phishing by presenting your brand consistently, across all communications, reducing the chance of recipients interacting with fraudulent content.

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The Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud

Conga is the only eSignature solution that is fully embedded into the entire revenue lifecycle. When paired with Conga’s document generation, contract lifecycle, and CPQ solutions, Conga can be your primary provider for integrating and automating your business needs across your whole company. Consolidate vendors and work with enterprise-grade solutions built for companies of any size and need.

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Conga Sign is the only affordable enterprise-grade solution that is reliable, scaled, and secure. Whether it be price, service, or feature set, Conga Sign can secure the signatures you need to take action on your critical agreements. 

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