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Manufacturing operations simplified 

Smoother processes and faster deals with workflow management solutions

Eliminating revenue friction in manufacturing

Most manufacturing companies deal with complex processes along the value chain where legally binding contracts are made, internal agreements and approvals are issued, and documents are stored. Conga’s revenue management solutions help you conduct business more efficiently and securely. 

Increase revenue potential 

  • Expand buyer engagement

    Allow customers to easily engage with you from purchase to support to maintenance. Close more deals and blaze a clear trail from opportunity to revenue with our suite. Combine legally approved templates and contact information to create, redline, and complete every digital commerce transaction. 

  • Seamless digital commerce 

    Automate your document workflows and disrupt the labor intensive and error prone processes associated with your manufacturing and distribution documents. Create documents, contracts and forms populated accurately from the data stored within your CRM database to support ongoing maintenance and services.

  • Transform customer experience 

    Integrate marketing communications to provide superior end-to-end customer and partner engagement that will accelerate your business opportunities. Provide every stakeholder with just the right forms, documents, and contracts they need to keep business running smoothly and to avoid roadblocks. 

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Visibility and consistency for optimal performance  

Ensure compliance and accuracy

Revenue flows better with comprehensive contract management. Conga CLM empowers manufacturers to automate contract negotiations and approvals, streamlining the contract lifecycle without compromising visibility and control.

Manage orders across all channels

Gain full control of multi-channel orders and post-order processes with Conga Order Management. With real-time order visibility, ensure the right products, subscriptions, and services make it to your customers by the expected delivery date.

Streamline every deal

Conga CPQ delivers complex, accurate quotes quickly and accurately. No matter how sophisticated your pricing, products, and services are, your team will be able to drive sales with streamlined quoting, decreasing the time it takes to close.

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